Coffee can eliminate your fat!

After eating cup after cup of coffee, the weight and belly is going to the right place! But what’s wrong with eating coffee somewhere? Or do you actually lose weight by drinking coffee?

Many people think that if you eat coffee to satisfy your hunger, there is no need to eat again and again. But is that really so?

 After eating cup after cup of hunger to lose weight and belly? It has been seen many times that even after drinking cup after cup of coffee, the weight and belly are going to the right place! But what’s wrong with eating coffee somewhere? Or do you actually lose weight by drinking coffee?

According to nutritionists, coffee will reduce weight. However, drinking coffee mixed with milk-sugar or royal coffee mixed with cream will have the opposite effect.

 On the one hand, it will be malnourished due to lack of nutritious food, on the other hand, the weight of coffee and calories will increase due to the sugar-cream.

So? To get the full benefits of coffee, you need to eat black coffee without sugar. Caffeine present in coffee will increase the rate of calorie consumption in the body.

 The calories consumed while lying down will increase by about 3-11 percent If coffee drinking is doubled again, the rate of weight and fat loss will increase by about 18-26 percent, the scientists said.

Coffee before exercise? 

Drinking coffee before exercise increases the ability to exercise by about 10-12 percent due to caffeine. After the exercise, the tired body is strengthened by playing. Drinking coffee reduces hunger and desire to eat. 

Phytochemicals called chlorogenic acid play a major role in this regard. And drinking coffee after meals reduces the rate of glucose production in the body due to the presence of chlorogenic acid. Decreased tendency to accumulate fat in his hands.

If so, how much, when, how to eat? According to scientists at the Harvard School of Public Health, eating at least 3 to 4 cups of coffee a day with a low-calorie balanced diet and moderate exercise maintains all aspects.

 You can eat more if you want a muscular body. Take a look when and how coffee can be eaten-

at* Eat a few moments before eating in the morning-afternoon and at night. Less food will fill the stomach.

* Eat after meals. Body fat will accumulate less.

* If you feel tired, eat. You will be able to work with double enthusiasm. Calorie consumption will increase.

* Eat before exercise. You can eat in the middle or at the end of the exercise. 

* But do not overdo it. Because there is a fear of various dangers.

Could there be a problem with coffee?

Excess caffeine can cause irritable mood, anxiety, and palpitations. Gas can increase 6 Sleep may be reduced.

 Insomnia may occur. And less sleep means less exercise. Less sleep increases the amount of harmful hormones in the body, holding his hand increases hunger and food addiction.

The danger is exacerbated if you indulge in fat burners, energy drinks, energy shakes or energy bars indiscriminately. It barely contains a lot of caffeine. 

Leaving the level which puts pressure on the heart and veins. Excessive situations can also lead to heart failure. In 2016, according to ‘Nutrient Magazine’, 91 deaths have been recorded due to caffeine poisoning in the last 50 years. 

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