Delicious cooking is possible without onions

Chefs and nutritionists are advised to reduce the use of onions, experiment with onion-free recipes, and change cooking methods.

Onion pickles in the market. It has an impact on lower and middle class kitchens. To handle the situation, chefs are advising cooking without onions.

Daily income is two hundred to three hundred rupees. And, more than two hundred and fifty kilos of onions. If you buy such expensive onions, rice, pulses, oil and salt with what? The question is low-income people. So, for the time being, people who eat onions have kept onions away from cooking.

The same account of the seller of jhalmuri also says that the onion is being sold at 10 o’clock with such a high price of onion. The picture has changed in middle class kitchens due to unusual prices.

Although the habit of cooking without onions has not developed, the amount has been reduced to a large extent.

However, any yummy cooking is possible without onions, said the chefs. As well as pointing out, alternative recipes. And, according to experts, if onions are left out of the daily food list, there will be no difference in nutritional value.

Eating too much onion can cause diseases like indigestion and ulcers. Instead, they are highlighting the harmful aspects of eating more onions.

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