Delicious way of cooking using a little onion

The price of onion is increasing day by day in the country. On the other hand, the families who have been calculating for a whole month are in danger of seeing this unbridled price. So they have to think new to list the market and the amount of onion in cooking is decreasing.

Cooking can also be made delicious by using a little onion. It does not lack taste or nutrition.

Let’s find out that way-

1. Instead of cooking with chopped onion, practice cooking curry with bata onion. It will cook a very tasty curry with a little onion.

2. Thin broth curry takes less onion and it is also beneficial for health. And if you want to eat thick soup, you can boil potatoes and use it to thicken the soup. You can even give it to roasted curry.

3. In the daily recipes, we use onion paste in various fillings and fried eggs. In this case, chop the onion without making it thick. It will take much less onions.

4. When cooking pulses, many people give a lot of onion at the beginning, then fry it with onion again. Adding onions in the beginning does not increase the taste of pulses. So if you want to eat onion in dal, just frying it is enough. If you just fry it with garlic and chilli without onion, the pulses will be delicious.

5. You can use papaya instead of onion to make onion, fried egg etc. Yes, it is ready to use only if you grind papaya thinly and wash it well in water.

. When frying vegetables, use a few onions instead of many onions. Because if you add more onion, the taste of frying does not increase. Instead, when the oil is hot to make the bhaji delicious, add slices of green chillies and a little onion, add the vegetables if it spreads a foul smell and fry according to your regular recipe.

. If you have a habit of using more onions to thicken the chicken broth, skip it. Instead, cook the chicken with a few pieces of papaya to thicken the broth. It will be a nice soup without too many onions.

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