Do not eat those seven foods at night!

Many people eat tea, coffee or snacks before going to bed at night. Seven foods should be kept away before going to bed at night. Otherwise the body may have various problems.

The seven types of food that should not be eaten at night, they are:

1. Extra spicy foods:

You may lose consciousness for such foods. Spicy foods can cause chest irritation and abdominal pain.

2. Fatty foods:

Do not eat these foods at all. Eating pizza, burgers, potato chips, etc. will also increase digestion problems and weight. 

3. Cheese:

Cheese makes the body fat, increases the risk of heart disease, increases high levels of fat and cholesterol in the body. So cheese should be eaten very sparingly. 

4. Fruits:

Eating extra fruits causes gas in the body and interferes with digestion. If you have to eat fruit at night, do not eat more than one cup of fruit.

5. Meat:

Meat is too late to be digested. That is why it is not right to eat meat at night.

Extra two tips:

Don’t eat chips, corn, fried foods or other such foods. It will not benefit you, it will cause more physical problems.

Sweet foods: Do not eat at all. Ice cream, chocolate, candy bars, etc. contain fat. You must eat fatty foods before going to bed

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