Exercise in the middle of work to lose weight

No matter how much work you do throughout the day, set aside at least half an hour for exercise. 

He has been managing the house and office alone all day long. You also have the responsibility of cooking in the morning or bringing the child to and from school. Wondering why I’m getting so fat? 

The work is not less! In the case of weight loss, most women make this mistake in the beginning. Whether you are a housewife, a working woman or a college student, these jobs do not help you lose weight. 

Being busy with a lot of work all day means you work hard a lot. Therefore, the weight should be reduced automatically – this misconception must first come out. Find out how to get rid of excess fat in the middle of work.

Before losing weight, you need to know how much you should weigh according to your height. Going to the gym or dietitian is also considered a luxury by many.

 However, you need to lose weight in the right way or you may fall into a difficult physical problem. And do not rush to lose weight. 

You can easily calculate the weight according to the height. Calculate one kilogram per inch এই this straightforward method. If your height is 5 feet i.e. 60 inches, then in case of men the weight should be around 60 kg. In case of women, four-five kg should be reduced as this.

 In other words, a 5 feet tall woman should weigh between 50-55 kg. Once the target is set, the calorie intake and burning calculation will be clear automatically.

Then comes the turn to take food. If you calculate how many calories you need throughout the day, you will understand how much you need to burn. It is generally said that an adult woman consumes only 2000 kcal per day.

 This time, as much as the intake is being done, if you burn it with exercise, but there is no chance of reduction. In this case, it is necessary to create a deficit. The easiest way to make up for the deficit is to reduce 250 calories from your diet every day, and reduce 250 calories by exercising at the same time.

This will create a deficit of calories in the body, which will result in weight loss. However, in this case, it is better to go ahead with small targets. This is because in the process you may get hungry again and again and may feel a little weak.

No matter how much work you do throughout the day, set aside at least half an hour for exercise. If you have a swimming pool near a residential area or home, go for a swim. If there is a field nearby, walk for half an hour. You can also ride a bicycle. If you don’t have a place to walk, you can do spot running in the house or on the veranda.

In the midst of thousands of activities, take some time for walking or exercise, to keep yourself healthy.

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